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The purpose of boxing gloves

Boxing gloves are cushioned gloves designed to protect wearer's hands and opponent from injuries. The padding inside boxing gloves can be made of horsehair, foam padding, or a mix of both to help soften the blows while making it easier to land punches without hurting your hands. 

Finding the right size

Finding the right sizes of boxing gloves will offer your hands better protection allowing you to perform better in training and will not damage your knuckles and wrists over time. 

Training glove sizes come in ounces (oz) which determines the amount of padding in the gloves. 

8 - 10 oz boxing gloves are commonly used in pro fights.

Youth are recommended to wear 8 - 12 oz boxing gloves.

12 oz boxing gloves are mostly used among women and men with small hands as they offer good protection while allowing your knuckles to feel the hitting target and have light enough weight to offer good speed in punching. Although you are not permitted to use 12oz gloves in sparring at Lion's Head Boxing Academy, they are great for fitness boxing.

14 oz boxing gloves are the all around boxing gloves that can be used for hitting pads, bag work, general training and sparring. At Lion's Head Boxing Academy, we allow 14 oz boxing gloves and above for light to heavy sparring. 

16 oz - 20 oz boxing gloves are more suitable for heavier weight boxer or heavy hitter. These can be used in general training and are safer for heavy sparring.

However, it is wise to try on boxing gloves before buying to make sure the gloves fit your hands well and offer good thumb compartment so that your hands do not cramp up while training. If you are buying boxing gloves online and not able to try them on in person, we have attached a size chart to give you an idea of what size of boxing gloves will be ideal for you. You will need to know two measurements which are your hand circumference and your weight.

Weight in PoundsWeight in KilogramsHand CircumferenceBoxing Gloves
Less than 100lbsLess than 45 kg5"-6"10-12 oz
101-150 lbs45 - 68 kg6.5"-7.5"12-14 oz
151 - 175lbs68 - 80 kg7.5"- 8.5"14-16 oz
Over 175 lbsOver 80 kg8.5"-9.5"16-18 oz



Difference in power

Choosing heavier gloves does not necessarily mean hitting harder, they are rather to ensure the safety of your hands and your training partner than inflicting damage. Heavier gloves cover wider areas and have thicker padding, thus, will deliver lesser impact on the hitting target or your opponent than smaller gloves or bare fists. Although heavier gloves can be used in training for a boxer to develop more power and speed once shift to smaller gloves in competition.


Boxing gloves materials

The best leather for boxing gloves are cowhide and goatskin as they are flexible, highly durable and great at absorbing moist and controlling odor. Geniune leather gloves may cost more than the synthetic ones.

If you have lower budget, you may opt for synthetic gloves that are made from microfiber as these materials offer lighter weight, very breathable, and quite long-lasting. 

The feature of boxing gloves either come in lace-ups or velcro. Lace-ups gloves provides a more secure fit but also require assistance from another person to wear them while velcro gloves offer hook and loop straps to wrap around your wrists making it easier and faster to put on by yourself.

Please bare in mind that you should never wear boxing gloves without handwraps in training as handwraps help secure your hands by keeping your fists in proper shape and support the wrist as well as keeping your knuckles aligned while punching and preventing injuries from fractures or sprained.

A pair of boxing gloves usually last up to 3 years depending on how much you use them. If you are more advanced, heavy handed, or train frequently, the gloves may last for a year.

A good rule of thumb is to buy the best quality offered within your budget.

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