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Dream of becoming a boxing coach? Let’s discuss about this.

To have a successful career as a self-employed boxing coach, you can’t depend solely on your passion, you must have a skillset of both a boxing coach and an entrepreneur. While your knowledge is your power, knowing how to utilize it and make a living out of it is just as important. Being a fitness boxing coach can bring you financial freedom to create a life you dream of. An entry-level boxing trainer could earn an average of 600 THB ($20) per hour, with the right mindset, clear vision and principles, you can grow your income up to multiple 7-figure in a year. And here's how to kickstart: 

Invest in your knowledge

First thing first, invest in your knowledge. It’s crucial that you learn from legitimate sources, get mentored by coaches with real coaching experiences. You need to find a certified course taught by a coach that you trust. By investing in your certification course, it will allow you to learn the principles, structures and systems that will save you a lot of time in finding out each and everything on your own. This is what separates a successful coach to an average coach. A well-experienced coach can also be your mentor, he or she can access and give you instant feedback on what you need to improve on, what to avoid, steps you need to take to make real results based on his/her real experiences, and that’s how you can progress fast. You may consider enrolling in a course that best suits your level and budget. In fact, we have created a Fitness Boxing Coach Intensive Course and MittMaster Trainer’s Certification Courses suitable for a novice with no experience in coaching to advanced level fitness boxing coach and fight coach. These courses cover the insights of the sweet science, both theorical and pratical aspects you need to know to become a coach and develop your own coaching style. With the portion of education you are backed by these certification courses, we assure you that you will be on the right path.

Build a character 

Secondly, build your own character. Your character is your uniqueness that will create people's perception towards you. Do you believe in chemistry between a coach and a client? It does matter a lot because clients will choose a coach with a character they trust and believe can help them bring out a result they want. Are you a coach who can motivate your clients and know how to bring out their inner potentials regardless of the difference in personalities? Are you a coach who has attention to details that can spot and correct the smallest mistakes your clients make?  Are you a coach who is firm and honest to tell your clients things they don’t want to hear but will surely improve them? This kind of character will set you apart, clients will come to you and stick with you for specific reasons. You don’t want to sell yourself short by getting your clients to sweat repetitively just to finish off the session and earn. That’s a recipe of career disaster.  One of the most important qualities any coach should have is integrity. Being honest, sticking to your principles, and trusting the process without shortcuting or cheating will help sustain your career in a long run. So ask yourself, what is it that makes you unqiue, what do you want to be known for, what qualities of a person do you admire and want to become? You can also find a role model or a mentor that you admire then learn from them, form good habits, stay true to yourself, know your value, know what you stand for and present it to the world. 

Prepare coaching equipment

Third, prepare your coaching equipment. Teaching fitness boxing, you can start with a minimum of three coaching equipment including a pair of mitts, a pair of boxing gloves, and a pairs of handwraps. However, for hygienic purpose, you may recommend your clients to have their own pair of hand wraps as they are very affordable and comes in a variety of materials and designs, but still, as a coach you should always prepare at least a pair of handwraps in your gym bag.

Two things to consider before buying equipment are; firstly, your budget, you should prepare a minimum of 5,000 THB ($160) to get yourself a first set of training gear; second is the quality. Buying quality equipment doesn't have to be expensive ones, good quality equipment can save you more money in the long run as their life span will usually last longer than the poor quality ones that could also cost you and your clients injuries in training. If you have a budget, you may want to consider well-trusted brands, however, if you are starting small, you can use what’s available to you. When talking about martial arts industry in Thailand, you may have heard about a long established, well-reputed brand like Fairtex Thailand, with over 50 years of experiences in mass production, product research and development, and a continuity of various product lines, is widely used and trusted among world’s martial arts champions and practitioners domestically and internationally as they offers high quality gear with great designs for affordable prices!  What could be a better combination than quality coaching combined with quality training equipment? The amount of money you invest in your money making tools will definitely bring you greater opportunities and greater income.

Market yourself

So you got your certification done and your equipment ready. Next step is to define your niche target. You must first know your demographic by defining their age range, occupations, income, location, etc. It is very crucial to know who you are offering your service to and how your service can be of solution for them. Remember, people will come train with you not just because how much you know as a coach but how you can help them bring out the best results. You are selling an outcome but always make sure to help your clients set realistic goals and offer realistic solutions. To become a successful coach and an entrepreneur, you must deliver what you promise. Having integrity in what you do will play a big part in your personal branding and marketing. It’s what you stand for and what you want people to remember you by. To start personal branding or marketing, you can start a website about your boxing training if you already know how to do the whole website configuration. If you don’t, just keep it simple, start small, and set a budget for your marketing. In fact, you can save your money and do it cost free by using social media platforms like facebook, instagram or youtube to advertise your service. You can use your own circle of friends, write up posts about your service and ask them to share your posts, recommend you to their friends who might be looking for a personal trainer or join Facebook public groups that talk about boxing or personal trainers to attract new prospects. Getting exposure is the first step to getting known by the community. You may consider providing some incentives such as a discount or a free session on your package. You can also offer a freebie that compliments your service, something that your clients can use along with their training such as a pair of handwraps, a facial towel, a tank top or a tumbler with your logo on it (these could serve as your walking advertisement once your clients use them). Comparing to the 10% discount on your package fee, you can take off 5% to get these freebies. It entirely depends on what you think is more suitable for your marketing plan. 

In short, when you have already set your mind into becoming a boxing coach because you know it is your passion, your gift and your purpose, start investing yourself, take courses, find your mentors, keep learning, keep practicing, be disciplined, be consistent, and don’t give up, you will definitely get to where you want to be. There is no secret to success, there is only ‘do’ and ‘not do,’ and to get there you need to take the first step. Your future as a financially stable boxing coach can start today and only you can make it happen!

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