There are plenty of gyms out there for you to choose from but why us? Well, it’s simply because…

We do not complicate things.
We are not going to use all these big words just to make us look smarter and superior to other personal trainers because our goal is to break down things in the most simplest and easiest forms for you to understand and we NEVER fail to do that.

We do explain and educate you.
As we customize an individual fitness program for you, you deserve to know why we are giving you certain kinds of workout, how it will benefit you and how you can do it correctly. We do take time to explain in full details and educate you to make sure that you have a clearer picture of how you can execute the exercises properly and safely. We will absolutely and immediately correct your form to prevent you from developing bad habits.

We encourage you to learn and ask questions.
We will be more than happy to answer the questions you may have during or outside your training sessions to help better your understanding. We believe that the more you learn, the more you know and the more you know, the better you can execute. We are not the know-it-all and never pretend to be one but as long as we're here, we promise to keep learning more so that we can keep sharing with you what we think is awesome and useful to you. Let's go strive for progress together! 

We do NOT do shortcuts.
We only work for realistic goals. You may share with us what you really want to achieve and a specific timeframe you plan to work for it but if it is not realistically achievable, we will NOT do it or sugar coat it since we cannot bear lying to you or giving you false hopes. Everything takes time. Skills cannot be acquired over night, if you really want to reach your goals, we are here to help you but at the end of the day you will be the one to put in the efforts, hard work and disciplines. This is the most honest truth we can give you.

We do push you. Really, we do.
If you really want to get better, you need to get out of your comfort zones. No great success comes easily. You may not realize your potentials and what you're capable of at first but you will soon enough be amazed at what you CAN do! How? There are only TWO things that we will inject in your head 'YOU CAN AND YOU WILL.' Lion's Head Gym is the Land of limitless potentials! We will keep pushing you and we won't stop just because you're tired, we will stop when you finish your sets. You will soon get stronger and realize how amazing you can be! Yes, you can thank us later for that.

We know how to have fun!
Working out can be stressful at one point and we are totally aware of that. You may feel the pressure trying to reach your goals, the pain and soreness from your workout and some obstacles you may experience during your sessions but don’t worry and we are here to create a program that will allow you to work smarter, add some fun and challenges that will help you enjoy the process and yet the measurable results! 

We love to communicate with you.
We value your opinions and requests regarding what you need, how we can help you or support you even more. It is our privilege being able to help you to achieve your fitness goals by bringing out the best in you and create a healthy lifestyle that you love!

So think about a kind of lifestyle you want to lead in the future, you want to be fit & healthy for yourself, for your family and your loved ones, it all simply starts with a decision you make today. And if these are what you’re looking for,
Lion’s Head Boxing Academy is the right place for you!