Our name 'Lion's Head Boxing' suggests that our main focus is on western boxing; however, we also offer different kinds of professional trainings to promote well-rounded athletes. Our unique trainings are designed for men, women and children at all levels to fulfill their goals and optimize their results through customized workout programs based on each individual's strengths and weaknesses, skills and needs. To find out which training program suits you best, check out descriptions below:


Focusing on giving you the best of both worlds; learning the foundation of boxing and applying in fitness conditions. Fitness Boxing is a program that ensures calorie-blasting, fat loss, muscle toning and a healthy lifestyle you always dream of! This program is suitable for anyone who is looking to start working out to get fit and strong with a workout program designed just for you to enjoy and stay comitted. 


Technical Boxing is a program that will introduce you to the in-depth details and the science of boxing focusing precision of execution, speed of execution and technical accuracy. Expect technical drills, high intensity training and breathtaking sparring. 


Our Mittmaster 3-Level Training Program is a complete program designed to teach in details and in focus of skills development that a good boxing trainer must acquire. In this certification learners can expect situations like how to teach proper basics, how to observe and prevent or fix bad habits in boxing and tricks on how to help your client understand and be able to execute easily. Padholding is the main focus in this program as it will enable the learner/coach to effectively hold pads for a client without injuring them.


A program that will get you ready physically and mentally for the competitions. Boxing is 90% mental and 10% physical but it's that 10% physical that requires your 100% physical capacity and this program is specially designed to help you maximize it. Starting off from where you are and what you have with our well-experienced coach who will help you plan your most effective training timeline, fight strategy and simply guide you through your journey to success. 




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