27 March 2016


We would like to invite you guys to a great FREE 2 hour intensive basic training on proper boxing form, execution and many more!

Boxing is becoming one of the most sought after training system nowadays, weather its for fight or fitness and the popularity of it is in an all time boom. It is not hard to see why it is such an easy choice as boxing can not only make you lose weight but possibly get you the best shape of your lives ever! From shadow boxing, heavy bag training, mitt training and sparring, these activities will sure to get your heart rate up and get you sweating buckets.

Unfortunately for some practitioners who hasn't encountered a proper coach that will see their form and execution, a lot of people suffer from minor to major injuries due to the neglect of basic and fundametals. Instead of a practitioner focusing on reaching his/her full potential in training they have to worry about their present injury or to some, they need to be out of commission for days maybe even weeks before they can come back to training and we all know how much of a bummer that is.

Our FORMTASTIC Boxing clinic aims to help out beginners upto intermediate levels who are stuggling to execute effectively so they can progress to better things.

What you will learn from this workshop includes:
  • Boxing Stance
  • Punching Form
  • Defense
  • Variation of Footwork
  • Injury Prevention
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Boxing Strength & Conditioning Workouts you can do by yourself Special
Consider this clinic as a doorway to better and more satisfying and fun workouts! 

We are only opening 22 slots, so reserve ASAP.

The event is FREE, but eveyone needs to bring a buddy to register.

For reservation, please call 02-319-0778.